Learning How to Make a Tequila Margarita

how to make a tequila margarita minhas distillery

how to make a tequila margarita minhas distilleryThe margarita has always been a beloved cocktail drink thanks to its very pleasant taste and refreshing flavor. The United States is considered as the largest consumer of this amazing cocktail drink that makes use of tequila as its prime spirit. Although the drink is not really very potent in terms of its alcohol levels, it is nevertheless something that is sought after by a lot of people. During Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican celebration that is also celebrated in the United States, it is said that an average of 185,000 margaritas are consumed every hour; and this is just by Americans.

Although the real inventor of this cocktail mixed drink is still debatable, we should thank them for their ingenuity for this drink. After all, even if you do not like consuming alcohol, consider a margarita a sort of ladies drink that even men among men can order without much of a degradation of their manhood.

Here’s how to make a tequila margarita:

1 oz. Tequila
1 oz. Cointreau
Fresh Lime Juice
Kosher Salt
Lime Wedge

When preparing a margarita cocktail, you first need to have your serving glass be rimmed with salt. This is because a rimming of salt not only adds beauty to the cocktail when it is being served, but salt also serves the purpose of heightening the flavor of tequila. To create a salt-rimmed glass, insert a lime wedge on the lip of a glass and move it around the lip of the glass to fully moisten the lip part. Making the lip moist allows salt granules to stick to the lip part of the glass. After doing this, dip the lip of the glass into a saucer of kosher salt to give the glass its rimming.

Once the serving glass has been prepared, it’s onto the cocktail this time. Get a shaker and fill it with ice. Place all the liquids inside following the necessary measurements for each liquid. Place the cap of the shaker and shake the content vigorously. This allows the liquid content to get the temperature of the ice, but without getting diluted too much. Once satisfied with your shaking, strain the mixed liquids into your salt-rimmed serving glass. Add in some lime wedges for garnish. Serve and enjoy.