Ad Book & Ad Pad

Specialized Templates for Sketching

The Gridbooks Ad Book features a 15-point dot grid that can be easily divided into two, three, four, five or six columns. It also features templates for standard banner ad sizes.

Digital Presentation Files

Receive free Adobe Photoshop® and Illustrator® templates with your Gridbook purchase. These pre-masked files make it easy to scan artwork and export digital or print-ready presentations of your digital campaign creative.

High Quality Paper

Gridbooks are printed on Domtar Cougar smooth paper. The outside covers contain 80% recycled materials and are French-folded for strength. Interior pages are printed on recycled paper. All paper comes from sustainable sources.

Reversible Books for Left-Handed Users

Gridbooks feature a unique design that allows left-handed users to sketch without crossing the coil. The book can be used with the grid pages on the right-hand side or the left-hand side. There is no front or back cover — instead, Gridbooks feature a left-handed cover and a right-handed cover.